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#261 [url]

Mar 2 14 4:12 PM

Just in case you ever get to work on KD again:

There are two "toraeru" first 捕らえる which means to physically catch something and 捉える, which is the figurative version. Bonus point 1: In present day Japanese, the latter one is unified with the former, meaning 捕らえる can have a physical or figurative meaning to it. Bonus point 2: Japanese students are still required to learn the second Kanji as it is Joyo. Bonus point 3: Because of point 2 and cell phone usage, people usually ignore point 1 and start to convert to 捉える again.

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#263 [url]

Apr 8 14 1:52 PM

優 kindhearted/excel possible error

優 kindhearted/excel 832

I believe the second Kunyomi
(ni) zugureru to outdo, to be superior
should be
(ni) sugureru to outdo, to be superior

Both Google and WWWJDIC show this to be the case.

Sorry about the romanji, My browser won't let me cut/paste into this text area and MS Japanese IME is not working either.

Outstanding site. I find your mnemonics way more memorable than Heisig's


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#266 [url]

Jun 19 14 2:54 PM動

Second Jukugo is a little messed up. 

Also, some tag links lead to 404: PRE, FP, KANA, KUNKUN, F, 1/2 KANA, SUF

although having existed in the past (I checked some at

Thank you for your awesome website.

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#267 [url]

Apr 2 15 11:08 PM

Hi everybody. We moved to a new server, which means I can - after 3 years - finally start making changes. Thanks again to everyone who pointed out my embarrassing mistakes and boners. It's going to take a year for me to correct them all, but the good news is - your forum comments WERE NOT IN VAIN, HOMIES. Also, Henri, the programmer, is going to improve the search functionality. Hopefully we will continue to add even more bells and whistles to the site.

On a related note:

I want to make an official KD Anki deck: well-formatted, easy to read, and full of all the information!

I am looking for coders to write a script which would automatically generate Anki cards by copying each kanji's data from cells in the KD database into the analagous cells in the Anki database. Smart people tell me it's not a difficult script to write IF you know the languages of the databases.

Anki - according to their documentation page - is written in Python, but their database is in SQLite. Whatever that is.
The KD database is written in plain old SQL.

Here's the URL of the Anki documentation page - so you can see for yourself what languages you'd need to know in order to do this;

I'd be willing to pay money for this job. It's a one-time thing, not a regular x-hours-a-week gig.

If you don't code SQL but know someone who DOES, please tell them! And contact me at; somewhatcurious (at) hotmail (dot) com

And thanks again for using KD.

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#269 [url]

Apr 17 15 1:36 AM

@Giton, おめでとう! 
And thanks for the mnemonics - several of yours were way better than mine, so I stole them. Unrelated: when I changed the english keyword from 'hell's circus' to 'drug frenzy', I had to change all the mnemonics of the dependents. Ouch! I'm frankly confused why I'd be so logical and systematic about something so deeply silly. But perhaps that's part of the appeal???

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#270 [url]

Apr 19 15 6:23 AM

Hi Schultz, since you are revamping the whole KD page, may I make some additional recommendations?
I noticed that about 10 or so Kanji are rather useless in respect to reading everyday Japanese. For example 僧 or 麗. Even in newspapers these are written as Hiragana. So the list could be cut down a bit to the really important ones, which I think was one of your aims. On another note, I'm close to finishing another set of KD-style mnemonics for the remaining Joyo Kanji. Went through all the effort since I want to take the N1 test someday as well as to read scientific literature. I noticed that about 200 of the Kanji show up quite often in newspapers or even chat messages (e.g. 修羅場 to decribe the situation at home). Definitely not core knowlege, but handy at times. If you could imagine adding some of these here, maybe as an additional set for hardcore learners like me, drop me a message. Since I didn't put that much effort into it, some of the mnemonics are still awefully bad though.

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