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#241 [url]

Nov 24 13 7:52 AM

The actual word for palace should be 宮殿, not みや.

官 actually means "bureaucracy", not "federal". Why not change it to "government employee"?

Why define a new radical? This is "one" + "skipping legs"!
Also, you already defined as "robust".

Most of the time you see 才 it means "years old" (but used only for kids in elementary school! Japanese logic...).

Last Edited By: Giton Nov 24 13 7:51 PM. Edited 2 times.

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#242 [url]

Nov 30 13 6:23 AM

This is Schultzzz, and I'm back. Thanks to everyone who kept posting errors! This thread - at least on my browser - is now 25 pages long! I think I have responded to all your posts UP TO page 14, after which I burnt out. So now I'm back and I have 10 pages to go! Progress will be slow but steady on my end. Please keep up the good work.

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#243 [url]

Nov 30 13 8:09 PM

A miracle! I was starting to believe Jesus walking on water was more likely than THE MAN himself to return to this forum.

Don't get upset by all these "error" reports, most of it is just nitpicking and the remaining 99% of KD are great as they are. Back to business:

General problem: As I'm getting close to finish KD, I have increasing problems with the Onyomi mnemonic ROBOTS. You use it seemingly at random for either ロウ or ボツ. It is easy to remember ROBOTS, but it tends to become a guessing game how the associated Kanji is actually pronounced. As it shoud be easy to find a similarly suitable keyword for ROU, it may be wise to revamp all those mnemonics als leave ROBOTS for BOTSU only.

Formatting errors in mnemonic.

向け is explained twice

Actually more like "Sheep" + "standing worms" + "mouth"

I wondered why the was a mnemonic for the Onyomi at all. Finally I found exactly one Jukugo that actually makes use of it 和尚, which is also FP because of the way 和 is pronounced. I'll leave it up to you if "head priest of a buddhist temple" should be judged as important vocabulary. Surprisingly I knew the word quite well already, because the 和尚さん is the main character in that nursery rhyme where the drunken Tanuki storm the temple to party hard.

Last Edited By: Giton Dec 1 13 9:16 PM. Edited 2 times.

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#245 [url]

Dec 2 13 9:23 PM

Hey I'm brand new to this site and am loving it so far. Unfortunately some of the links the the pages explaining the tags are broken so I have no idea what they mean. Could these please be fixed. Thanks

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#246 [url]

Dec 7 13 10:22 PM

Error with Kunyomi, it is always す. Thus す*ぎる, す*ごす. Apparently the latter one can be written 過す, too, but that should be uncommon.

"slipped" not corrrectly formatted.

The mnemonic lacks "tree".
Saw that somebody already modified your mnemonic to "Enjoy the big white sparkles that come with the fireworks we lauched off that tree" which kinda works.

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#247 [url]

Dec 8 13 7:46 PM

Japanese logic seems to apply for some of the Kunyomi. High danger of mixing these ones up:

のがす - to let something get away  -           written as 逃がす or 逃す

にがす - to let something loose, to set free - written as  逃がす or 逃す

!!!!!! how to tell them apart?

Apparently - accoding to friends and the maifold Japanese blog entries on that issue - Japanese would interpret 逃す as のがす and 逃がす as にがす.
Which means your dictionary is lacking one important verb and gets the other wrong.

Hella problems with formatting.


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#248 [url]

Dec 15 13 3:15 PM

Just realized there is a somewhat important Kunyomi to this one: 唐揚げ からあげ

The keyword in the mnemonic for the Onyomi (violent) seems a bit off. Hard to remember that it is liked to "battle" actually, as you practically defined 烈 as "violent".

Kunyomi: しず*かな(な) is one "na" to many, should be しず*か(な)

Mnemonic: "Health" is not formatted. Also, wouldn't it be smart to switch definitions between 健 (healthy) and 康 (health)? All mnemonics related to 康 come with "healthy" while 健 oddly comes with "health".

That Kanji links to itself via the "Used in" links.

That radical is quite different from "double-duty" but the same %++* that as 譲! So some derivate of "hellbunny". Listing it with "double-duty" is ok for reading, but doesn't work when you want to write it correctly.

Last Edited By: Giton Dec 15 13 7:10 PM. Edited 3 times.

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#249 [url]

Dec 16 13 7:57 PM

Haven't read through all errors on previous pages, so I've got no clue if the things I'll mention from now on (didn't found out there was a forum for this until just now) are mentioned on any previous pages. Anyhow.'

未 is basically 末, but with a SHORTER upper stroke. . HOW TO TELL THEM APART;未-tip - SHORT UPPER BRANCH on the tree末 - not yet - LONG UPPER BRANCH on the tree'

The two kanji's got mixed up here, Not yet is the one with the longer middle stroke (未) and tip is the one with the long top stroke (末). Oddly enough the mnemonic under these lines ARE correct.

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#251 [url]

Dec 22 13 8:28 PM

"Beauty" + "fork" doesn't work so well if you want to remember the way this Kanji is written. To me this looks more like "horny" + "fork" + "split tree".

How about this one:

One day KENNY felt both cold and HORNY, so he used his FORK to SPLIT a TREE in half. Now the tree serves DOUBLE-DUTY, one part as a warming fire and the other as hand-crafted オナホール.

嫌味 needs KUNKUN tag?

Minor error in mnemonic:

The young lady is a woman "WHO" does double-duty as a dominatrix who kicks JOE Stalin in the nuts six times!

こぜに is just KUNKUN, not FP!

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#253 [url]

Dec 25 13 8:40 PM

The Onyomi is KYO, not RYO!

This mnemonic is a bit hard to follow. 逆 appears only later so I'm not very comfortable to use as hint for the Onyomi. Also, "snout" is just the other way round it's supposed to be. To me it looks like "E" for Eazy-E. Here you go: He was about to get bit, but heroic Eazy-E oppressed the tiger's snout with a GAG.

One 之-Kanji should remembered by "this", but the other by "russian dance"?

One may add 芝居小屋 as another rather common Jukugo.

Correct: た*える

Last Edited By: Giton Dec 28 13 5:34 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#254 [url]

Dec 29 13 8:30 AM

Looks more like 甘 plus "animal legs". Need to mention the Kanji is only for the そ in それ.

"grounds" not formatted, and no Onyomi mnemonic. (Same-ON doesn't count as 其 comes without mnemonic, too.)

Mnemonic devoid of "rifle".

Correct: あざむ*く

"KI" may be included in the mnemonic, although jukugo is probably ultra-rare.

Last Edited By: Giton Dec 29 13 12:11 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#256 [url]

Dec 30 13 9:35 PM

優雅 is pronounced ゆうが, there's a た to much.

There is also a "fire bottom" and a "one" radical you ignored. Add at least a hint to the "fire" radical! E.g. "burning hot and humid climate".

Reading of the Kanji is "むし steam". Important vocabulary.

Lacks mnemonic for Onyomi.

Lots of formatting errors.

This Kanji is composed of "horny", reach out 及 and "fire bottom".

Upper part is "Hitler", lower part looks like "small animal" upside down. Mnemonic lists "dissolve" when the Kanji means "fusion"?

Last Edited By: Giton Dec 31 13 3:11 PM. Edited 2 times.

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#257 [url]

Jan 2 14 8:44 AM

Happy new year, Steven, and thanks for this fabulous website!

I finally finished all of Kanji-Damage. From my own experience, learning Kanji has never been that easy, and in particular, never been so much fun! I struggled years to learn a meager 300-500 Kanji using the "Japanese system" (hey folks, remeber this one has 23 strokes and is pronounced "KOU", now write it 500 times to remember how it looks...). I finally gave up and procrastinated until I discovered your gide two years back. Really a great job you did!
I'm somewhat set on learning the full set of Joyo Kanji now, at least as passive knowledge. Seems there are still a bunch of useful Kanji you deliberately excluded, although not many. Maybe I come back some time later for useful feedback.

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#258 [url]

Jan 5 14 7:12 PM

Guess I rashed too much and missed some Kanji on the way:

"Hitler" formatting.

Kind of lack 賠償 - compensation in the Jukogo. Nowadays used frequently thanks to the Fukushima refugees.

In addition, upon starting to review some other Kanji pages, I discovered many additional errors with font formatting. It may be better to just review every single page in case you care about this. Would probably be too much work to look up and post all the Kanji pages here, particularly as this occurs on every other page.
More important, there still seems to be a bunch of Kanji that lack menemonics for the Onyomi (SAME-ON Kanji excluded, of course)!

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#259 [url]

Feb 5 14 1:33 AM

sorry people!

@giton congratulations on finishing the KD program! I hope you have a lot of fun reading Japanese books, magazines and whatever else you want!

@everyone:  I have a problem.  The server who hosts KD is free. But they want their clients (for example, me) to start paying.

So, to "encourage" me to pay $9 a month in hosting fees, they are refusing to let me alter the website. this means I can't correct problems or make any positive changes. 

Also, Mobalean, the gentlemen who programmed the KD code, tell me that $9 a month is totally reasonable price.  But Mobalean won't pay it out of their pockets. 

But even if $9 is a fair price, it seems shady (IMO) for the hosting company to freeze my database and not even warn me about it. 

As for me,  I don't mind working for free to make the site better for you, the users.  But I sure as hell am not going to SPEND my own money for the privilege of spending 100 hours fixing code.

So for the time being, I'm not going to make the corrections.   This is kind of rotten for everyone, but definitely I will make copies of all the posts here, and someday I'll fix them.

I apologize to Giton, Nishibutamanz, and all the others who have been pointing out the errors.   I'll get them someday. 

Last Edited By: schultzzz Feb 5 14 1:35 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#260 [url]

Feb 7 14 8:35 PM

It was great fun to read your mnemonics, Steven. I'm already concerned I won't have that much fun with my Japanese books ever.
OK, not really I guess. Did you read that recent article on the vote of Japan's No. 1 hentai for 2013? Great stuff!

About the hosting company, oh man, these news suck. What about the "original" Kanjidamage with that bright pink color theme that was basically plain HTML code? One one hand,it gave you eye cancer, but on the other hand it did the job. Any possibility to restore and update that one? Would be too bad if KD would be switched off one day.

Is there any possibility to set up a charity people can donate to and get their money tax refunded? Like Wikipedia. Could solve that $120 problem of yours.
Or call the Pirate Party to free your website from the evil claws of capitalism and host in in Pionen.

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