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#41 [url]

Aug 13 12 3:34 PM

The [each] kanji has an extended line running across, compared to the [name] kanji.

[Each] people here have EXTENDED their arms to shake mine, but none of them know my [name], so I DON'T EXTEND my own hand.

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#42 [url]

Nov 8 12 1:00 AM

Here is one that nets you a bunch of kanji, is a strong radical, is always on the right, and is easy to remember!


JOU - Six pounds of clothes. The kanji for 6, a pound sign, and the kanji for clothes.

譲JOE's GIRL wants six pounds of clothes, the greedy bitch.
嬢JOE told his woman six pounds of clothes was too much, but she wouldn't YIELD.
壌JOE himself went through six pounds of clothes working in the SOIL.
醸JOE also went through six pounds of clothes trying to BREW alcohol at home.
穣JOE bought himself six pounds of clothes with the money he made from his CROPS of wheat.

They could use more hilarity, but this is like the easiest radical to remember since RISK (剣)

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#45 [url]

May 1 14 10:41 PM

Deck broken?

On the Anki website, it'S written that this deck is broken...
did it had been repaired?

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#47 [url]

Jun 3 14 7:22 PM

Has anyone ever noted that the strange turkey thing appearing for example in  strangely resembles a pile of wood?
(the horizontal strokes are the logs, the vertical ones hold everything together) 

Whats even more strange is, that many kanji make more sense this way:

  = char = wood on fire
  = collect = trees packed into a wood pile

  = misc/random = 9 trees wildely packed in a pile

 = difficult = a tiny chinese guy who wants to lift a pile of wood => is difficult

Last Edited By: maldun Jun 3 14 7:57 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#48 [url]

Jun 3 14 7:55 PM

Another strange resemblance which is quite helpful:

the radical for thing (勿, the kanji for not) resembles a facehugger from the alien movies:


so the kanji for thing 物 can be remembered as: the thing that crawls out of the cow, like in the beginning of Alien 3. (Although I would like to forget the movie ...)

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#49 [url]

Jun 5 14 4:53 PM

I think the mnemonic used for "stay for the night" is a bit too hard to remember.
Here's what I suggest:

If Haku stays for the night, she's gonna get something wet and white

This "person" is a girl with her two "dots" hanging from her chest. Dayum, that girl is on FIRE!

 A woman, who's also a "servant", doing something related to crothes
... oh, DON'T you get it?!

You should expect a "woman servant" to get mad at you if you tell her to touch your crotch, if her heart is not ready.

A dying woman should never be left without reason or permision. Anyone who does that is a MOFO.

Last Edited By: SugoiYaru Jun 21 14 6:43 AM. Edited 8 times.

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