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#21 [url]

Apr 14 12 10:48 AM

抄 extract, Heisig 699

抄 isn't even in the KD collection, so I'm breaking new ground here with the kanji that Heisig calls "extract":

I was only able to extract a few fingers from the wood chipper to SHOU the doctor.

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#30 [url]

May 14 12 3:26 PM

checking numbers

whoa, this sounds like a very nerdy undertaking--way too anal retentive even for me. Wouldn't checking the list require that I have both books, anyway? I only have the 6th edition.

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#31 [url]

May 14 12 3:39 PM

Ah, no, no.

It's quote simple. Just check if:

末 is 230 and 昧 is 231.

姻 is 627 and 咽 is 628.

誌 is 646 and 芯 is 647.

冶 is 807 and 治 is 808.

強 is 1321 and 弥 is 1322.

懸 is 1495 and 遜 is 1496.

舷 is 2015 and 般 is 2016.

潟 is 2195 and 丹 is 2196.

That's all, just these 8 pairs, and you only need the 6th ed. book.


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#33 [url]

May 24 12 6:45 PM

Heisig 6th edition

Thanks for making it easier for me. Here they are:

末 is 230 and 昧 is 231. はい、はい!

姻 is 627 and 咽 is 628.はい、はい!

誌 is 646 and 芯 is 647. はい、はい!

冶 is 807 and 治 is 808. Actually, 治is 807 and 冶 is 808. 

強 is 1321 and 弥 is 1322. はい、はい!

懸 is 1495 and 遜 is 1496. はい、はい!

舷 is 2015 and 般 is 2016. はい、はい!

潟 is 2195 and 丹 is 2196. はい、はい!

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#35 [url]

May 30 12 10:10 PM

By {directly} hitting the [loser] [fly] on my CHOCOlate, I have {fixed the problem}. GEE, KIlling sure solves my food problem quickly.

With this mnemonic, I assigned each onyomi to each different jukugo usage.

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#36 [url]

Jun 4 12 9:57 PM

烈(violently intense) = SWORD

然(nature) = DOG

SWORDfights are [violently intense], but just like DOGS, it's in our [nature] to fight over things.
It is the [honorable], CORRECT thing to GO to the cops and give them your FINGERPRINTS, along with your novelty BAMBOO souvenirs, so they can check 'em.

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#38 [url]

Jun 9 12 3:14 AM

免(exemption) = FISHHOOK
鬼(demon) = FIELD
You need a [license] to FISH, but [demons] roam FIELDS whenever the hell they feel like.
The mnemonic used here is a tad bit too arbitrary and to be honest; I don't like it. Here's a new one:
The HELLBUNNIES that attained FREEDOM will have to practice a bit of [yellow]-bellied technique for now; running away with their tail between their LEGS.
Edit this as you please, because I find it a bit too lengthy...
STANDING worms [lining up] on the back of a HEDGEHOG is pretty [ordinary] in Japan.
You look at him for a [tiny bit of time], and in a [blink] of an EYE, decide not to DATE the guy with the NEST embedded in his MOUSTACHE - in fact, you decide to SHUN him.
I tried to include both meanings with this one.

熟(get good at) = CHILD radical
熱(hot thing) = EARTH/GROUND radical
The EARTH gets [hot], but CHILDREN are the best at [getting good at] things.

是(fer shure) = CORRECT radical
最(most) = GET radical
Everything is CORRECT, [fer shure]! Let's make the [most] of our day by GETTING everything done!
Everybody chill. The dude with the MOHAWK in the WASHTUB will [manage] this problem. There. Now it's a bit more "international-friendly", in the sense that everyone understands it now.

満(full) = one FLOWER
溝(ditch) = HELLBUNNY/ two FLOWERs
If I'm given one FLOWER, it's easy to make it [full] of water. If I'm given two FLOWERS, I'll just throw it in the [ditch] or give it to my HELLBUNNIES, because I'm not taking care of two at once. Fucking no.
The [decision/judgement] of the court is that the LOSER will be fed poisoned RICE, and if he [refuse]s, it's off with his head with an AXE!
I honestly don't like the arbitrariness of this one. I'm going to call it a spike, because I really don't give a fuck. It's the closest thing in terms of universality.
throws him down the [stairs]. He tumbles [step]-by-[step], and lands in some spikes.
The spikes may look the same, but the one that traps animal legs are more [interest]ing.
You got [free time]? The spike wound on my mouth and crotch haven't healed since yesterday, and I really need to get to a hospital.
The 'unknown' radicals here are what I'd like to call "HUMAN EXPERIMENT"s. Why?
Because they're HUMANs (as you can see by their legs) that had to wear DIAPERS because they've lost bodily controls through various experiments that gave them ONE extra MOUTH, and are kept on a weird, sci-fi-ish ONE-LEGGED PLATFORM.

For fusion: Are {YOU} that HUMAN EXPERIMENT who was onced [fused] with INSECTs?
For segregate: Those who segregated all the HUMAN EXPERIMENTS into that TOWN are {COCKS}.

横 (side / arrogant) - ONE RADICAL AT TOP
構 (set up / care about) - TWO RADICALS AT TOP
You can only choose ONE [side] of the tent, but it was [set up] by me, so I can choose TWO!
Fair game, motherfucker.

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#40 [url]

Jul 23 12 12:57 PM

I'm prepping for the JLPT2 and I noticed one Kanji that is probably worthless but is easy to remember.

We GLUED the arrogant GENERAL WITH TWO DICKS to the sniper NEST AGAIN AND AGAIN. (Fragging time!)

I think it is easy enough to remember, and captures the different meanings (General, Again / etc..).

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