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May 7 11 11:36 AM

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Question for schultzzz,

do you have someone working on this? If not, are you considering it?

I would be interested in tackling it but please reply so I know.

btw, awesome work.
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Jun 12 11 11:26 AM

Glad you like it! Hope it is useful for you.
We've talked about "turning it into an iphone app".
But I don'T have an Iphone. So I'm confused what 'iphone app' means. . .iphones have internet, right?
So what could an 'app' do that just looking at the website on your phone NOT do?
I'm not trying to be a smartass - I'm just old and don't understand things.

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Aug 10 11 9:43 PM

Any progress, ar4s?

Also @shultzZzZzZz a few things. For one, a native app would store the information on your phone, so if you're in an area with poor reception (my work...) you could still access KD. Also, mobile applications are better formatted for phones so they are easier to navigate and such. You don't have to keep zooming in and out and hitting tiny links with your finger, etc.

If only the Anki iphone version weren't so pricey I could just use the KD anki deck.

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Feb 21 12 8:19 PM


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Mar 2 12 11:40 AM

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Aug 23 12 5:02 AM

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