Apr 2 15 11:02 PM

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I want to make an official KD Anki deck: well-formatted, easy to read, and full of all the information! 

I am looking for coders to write a script which would automatically generate Anki cards by copying each kanji's data from cells in the KD database into the analagous cells in the Anki database. Smart people tell me it's not a difficult script to write IF you know the languages of the databases.

Anki - according to their documentation page - is written in Python, but their database is in SQLite. Whatever that is.
The KD database is written in plain old SQL.

Here's the URL of the Anki documentation page - so you can see for yourself what languages you'd need to know in order to do this; http://ankisrs.net/docs/addons.html#the-database

I'd be willing to pay money for this job.  It's a one-time thing, not a regular x-hours-a-week gig.

If you don't code SQL  but know someone who DOES, please tell them!  And contact me at;  somewhatcurious (at) hotmail (dot) com