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Oct 20 14 12:22 AM

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Does anyone else notice this? For example the ホ in 述 ( )、 looks like a 不 with two dots on the top, on my android tablet. I don't totally remember which but I noticed this with a few others, out of the 350 characters I have studied so far... the differences seem quite minor but it is there.
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Nov 2 14 2:58 PM

This is an Android problem. Unless your phone/tablet is set to Japanese, Android will display kanji using a CHINESE font. Most of the time the Japanese and Chinese versions are identical, but as you've noticed there are differences once in a while.

The easiest fix is to set your tablet to Japanese (which might not be such a bad idea if you want to immerse yourself in the language).

Otherwise *if you have root access* you can install this app:

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