Oct 3 14 5:18 AM

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Hello KanjiDamage learners,

There are 2 courses on Memrise dedicated to learning Kanji and their related Jukugo with KanjiDamage:
  • Kanji Jukugo (questions in 3 directions: English -> Kanji, Kanji -> Kana and Kanji -> English)
  • Kanji Onyomi Kunyomi ( 4 directions: Kanji -> Onyomi, Kanji -> Kunyomi, Onyomi & Kunyomi -> Kanji and English -> Kanji)

So far, 1/8th of the KanjiDamage Kanji have been added, and more are added on a daily basis.
I could notice that with these courses, I average 85% of correct answers, which is a 15% more than when I was learning other courses. Also, I estimate to 1.5 years the time to learn all the kanji (if learning 2~3 per day) and their related jukugo (and therefore being able to start reading the japanese newspapers)

If you start it and get really motivated to keep this up until completion, please let me know, and we can help motivate each other to stay strong and motivated ;)