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One more 挙げる あげる Kodansha's Essential Kanji Dictionary

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Aug 31 14 1:12 PM

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As per the title, I assume this is never used even though it means raise up and is listed in Kodansha's Essential Kanji Dictionary. This book also lists some ridiculous kanji like 践 which according it means do- I don't think anyone would ever use by itself- with no compounds listed. The Dictionary is brief. Surely やる  or する is much more likely to be used. 
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Sep 7 14 2:05 PM


in general, you will encounter about 98% of the Joyo Kanji when reading an ordinary Japanese newspaper. There are only few Kanji here on Kanjidamage, that I would deem "useless", like 僧. If you want/need to indulge into scientific texts or high level prose, a passive knowledge of > 1000 addtional Kanji is required.

I would advise to start out with Kanjidamage, then learn the 500 addtional Kanji to complete the Joyo. Whatever additional Kanji you will encounter, draw them directly from texts and look up their meaning. Wikitionary is gold for this. Never bother to learn from Kanji dictionaries that list like 5000+ Kanji, most of them are crap knowledge.

挙 is used in 選挙 "election". Practically the only word with this Kanji, but an important one.

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