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Jun 5 14 5:33 PM

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Since I'm on travel most of the time and my phone internet is slow, I would really appreciate if you could consolidate the site's data into an android app so that everyone who uses slow internet phones will be really grateful!
Thanks to your method of teaching, I'm clearing JLPT levels on a faster pace than expected!!

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Jun 5 14 7:35 PM

not directly a dedicated Android app, but did you ever consider using Anki for making/downloading a Kanji Damage flash card deck?

From my personal opinion it's always better to make your own deck, because that way you learn it faster.

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Aug 13 14 12:50 PM

I'm using Anki and can highly recommend it. I downloaded a Kanji Damage deck, and have been editing as I go to correct some minor errors and personalise the deck to suit me better. You do need to download to a PC first, though (can edit on your phone or PC).

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Sep 7 14 2:10 PM


an alternative ist the Memrise app. Both available for Android an iPhone. It's free and it has several KanjiDamage courses with the mnemonics, readings etc. The app is designed for slow internet, so you may download content, practice, and upload you progress once connection is back. Works great for me.

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